Monday, December 31, 2012

Defy and Defend With Dignity

Based on "Know your limitation, work on it", Deccan Chronicle, Kochi Sunday 30th December 2012

Rape is a global phenomena.  It has been there in the past and sadly it will happen again. What we need to remember is that it could happen to any woman, girl, child or infant. What we need is to show no tolerance towards any act of disrespect in deed or ideology. The Delhi Gang Rape is a tipping point for many of us to get out there and make the change.

What is the change that we need?The physiology of rape is testosterone, the psychology of it is power and subjugation. Countries that have had some success in resolving controlling the issue or are women friendly follow a route of education, empowerment and strict enforcement of law. Interestingly countries that cover up women and keep them indoors are the unsafest places on earth for women.

Empowerment of youth is what I feel is needed in Kerala. I have seen smart and “trained to defend” young girls in Kerala go into an absolute state of shock the moment a man misbehaves.  The other extreme is an emotionally charged response.  Neither helps. Both fuel further such incidents.

What is needed is conscious and apt response to the situation. Foremost I suggest  learn to run, to sprint. When in dire circumstances your legs will turn to jelly. Train them well. Energy needs to flow through them, do not let it stagnate owing to fear. Vinyasa style yoga helps achieve the stamina and control. As a woman I am soft and  I accept I am not as strong as any man. Once you know your limitation, work on it, defy it and then you are ready to stand your ground. 

Standing your ground is an attitude that you will not take criminal nonsense. It also means maturity to take complete responsibility of the consequences of your actions. Meditating  on the qualities of a Goddess archetypes has  helped many to gain this inner strength.

From that state of self respect, calmness  and clarity you can proceed to scan your  surroundings to create a weapon from what is available a rock, a pen, or a stick. If you like to be prepared think of investing in a pepper spray or have a tiny aerosol with strong red chilly powder-vinegar solution. Fourth is to use your weapon unflinchingly to have maximum impact. The efficacy of the weapon is purely in the hands of the user. However no woman likes to inflict pain. But to deal with men who are inhuman it is needed to move away from our inherent sweetness and find that resilience to grab the offending crotch and pulp it.

I have great faith in the youth of my nation and state. I believe ten girls who can react calmly and effectively will make a difference in a city. I hope to train girls to develop this attitude of respect using yoga, meditation and simple martial arts techniques for free. However this approach is partial unless the boys are part of this change. What is needed alongside is to sensitize men that the “fairer weaker sex” is a human who deserves a life of smiles, love and light. 

PS: .In the article that got published in the newspaper my line on grabbing the crotch and pulping it got edited out. Possibly that is whole point I am trying to make when it comes to defying, defending and doing so with dignity. There is no space for being politically correct and socially tactful – the operative word is “unflinchingly”. We need to be able unflinchingly visualise and execute what is needed effectively, efficiently in the calmest possible way. Crotch and eyeballs, I find are the easiest- to- access  weakspots and the element of surprise acts as a good advantage. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Get Up and Walk! NOW

If your life is dictated by a dream and it feels like you are miles away from may need one of the below to keep you on your path.

And god forbid, if you dont have a dream then maybe one of the below may inspire you to have a dream

IF.... by rudyard kipling

thanking all those who contributed to this post... I will keep updating the videos.

When you been hit  below the belt and you are struggling to get up...

Even if the odds are against you, you will find a way  ....

dont ever ever let anyone tell you your dreams are not worth it  
especially when the stakes are against you... winning is a habit

If you dont know what you stand for you will fall for anything

Will Smith AGAIN!

The Dragon

Service, simplicity ...  on this tiny spec in the universe we cant do BIG things, just small things with BIG love

mmm the first name I had thought for this blog was square pegs and round holes :)

When you have faced your demons you can write magical tomes... darn many demons yet to be slayed. SOMEDAY

i think if chaplin was alive now, he may be speaking of brands and corporates  "who tell you what to think, what to do, what to feel, ...u r not just consumers, u r men, you have love of humanity in your hearts ;) you have the power to create, to make this life beautiful  "

what excuse can i give now?

And then again thanks to all those who remind me you are never, ever alone.... in the darkest of days we are here for you

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rantings at a 104

Rantings at a 104
Fahrenheit or C? Maybe its Kelvin
Neural Entropy 

Fill your address here
Where was home?
4 B Woodbury…why does that feel wrong
 Ah got it 7 A …which floor again was it 2 or 3
I forgot my address
mmm you are really sick

I waltzed on my futon yesterday night
two dogs a helper kicked about as I tossed
Turned head to east…later south west
A foot north west

Many visitors through the night
None real all jeering
Oh my dogs, what if I don’t wake up
Am I asleep or awake
A flash of news reel
In a city where the dead and alive are rotting together
 Kodokushi in Hong Kong

Can you call?
Not that they ever did, after
The misplaced love, the fuck was done
 I dint cum, the call dint either

Calls did come
One talked me to sleep
Another a flight can catch
Should they even care I wondered
Not blood, not love just work

A colleagues carrot muffin later
Is my love wrong or my work good
Lovers dint work, work  loved me back
 Diagnosed with a fucked up urinary tract

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