Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rantings at a 104

Rantings at a 104
Fahrenheit or C? Maybe its Kelvin
Neural Entropy 

Fill your address here
Where was home?
4 B Woodbury…why does that feel wrong
 Ah got it 7 A …which floor again was it 2 or 3
I forgot my address
mmm you are really sick

I waltzed on my futon yesterday night
two dogs a helper kicked about as I tossed
Turned head to east…later south west
A foot north west

Many visitors through the night
None real all jeering
Oh my dogs, what if I don’t wake up
Am I asleep or awake
A flash of news reel
In a city where the dead and alive are rotting together
 Kodokushi in Hong Kong

Can you call?
Not that they ever did, after
The misplaced love, the fuck was done
 I dint cum, the call dint either

Calls did come
One talked me to sleep
Another a flight can catch
Should they even care I wondered
Not blood, not love just work

A colleagues carrot muffin later
Is my love wrong or my work good
Lovers dint work, work  loved me back
 Diagnosed with a fucked up urinary tract

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