Monday, April 11, 2011

Sorry I Don’t Dance… Not Sorry I Do

Sorry I Don’t Dance
The colors, the costumes, drama, the crying, the singing , the dancing, the singing, the dancing, the singing, the dancing…

I cant recall a Bollywood movie minus the singing and dancing. We may not have a movie plot but we definitely have 14 songs and 8 dances. Like a true Indian, I can carry off the colors, the costumes and the drama.  Bollywood dancing..lets face it, I dance like a man. Like a man, who can’t dance.

Few months ago, I met up with the hostess of the very popular show Dance India Dance. I met her during her one of her dance practice sessions. She invited me to join in.
“Sorry I don’t dance”.
“Everyone can dance”, she replied, “Come on, go for it girl”.
I obliged. Her very sought after dance teacher showed me couple of moves and told me DO.
And DO I did. Well I tried and…

no!NO.. NO!!!…. not like that… move gracefully… sway your hips, thrust …come on thrust, shake…lip synch to the song… feel… EMOTE… like a girl…like a girl…sway…grace…
3 minutes later, we all agreed that maybe I should stick to “Sorry I don’t dance”

Sorry I don’t dance. That is about to change.

Despite the multitude of swaying, wriggling, thrusting talent in my country, it took an Indonesian Cop to change my mind.

Norman Kamru was caught in the wrong job. He did an uncop thing. Watch him

The Ouch
He was to “face sanctions for unethical behavior”

The Wow
Someone set a facebook page to support the 26 year old. Last I checked the page has 206,972 Likes
He went on to perform for TV. I simply love his performance for his police team.

What struck me was not his talent, but his joy and confidence. When you have it, it really shows.

Not Sorry… I Do
A very talented dance teacher in Hong Kong, contacted me to help for a performance based on a Bollywood song. She must have thought “AHH Indian girl…she do bollywood dance”. She will soon find out the truth.

Anyways instead of the un-joyous, un-confident “Sorry I don’t dance”, I replied “ I haven’t done this before, but will do my best to make you proud”

The song she has chosen is the very swayey Kajarare.

Aishwarya Rai (the hot girl in the video) , shall try not to threaten you with my dancing skills.
Amitabh Bachchan (the old guy in the video), you better watch out – here I come ;)


  1. Hats off to this Indonesian policeman! The video is really funny and inspiring at the same time! :)

  2. hey the video is no longer thr??

  3. it reminded me of a (true) storey ...... in netherlands, I had a Nigerian classmet ...... Isac .....

    1st scene: in a not so social gathering he proclaimed tht hez crazy about swimming .. he said "its my hobby" ........ well nt tht a unique one though but still tht is something I really envy ..... I cn't swim ....its not my hobby ....

    2nd scene: it ws probably a weekend ....... sunny morning ........ our un-social gathering somehow decided to go to the beach .... we took our bikes ...... had a good 40-45 mins ride ..... all headed fr the deep water ..... except me ....... except Isac ........... I told him .. go man!! show 'em ur skills ...... he ws chewing a gum .... and replied .... "I cn't swim ..... I love to watch babes swimming ..... my hobby" ........ I realised tht am nt hving a unique hobby .......


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