Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Get Up and Walk! NOW

If your life is dictated by a dream and it feels like you are miles away from it...you may need one of the below to keep you on your path.

And god forbid, if you dont have a dream then maybe one of the below may inspire you to have a dream

IF.... by rudyard kipling

thanking all those who contributed to this post... I will keep updating the videos.

When you been hit  below the belt and you are struggling to get up...

Even if the odds are against you, you will find a way  ....

dont ever ever let anyone tell you your dreams are not worth it  
especially when the stakes are against you... winning is a habit

If you dont know what you stand for you will fall for anything

Will Smith AGAIN!

The Dragon

Service, simplicity ...  on this tiny spec in the universe we cant do BIG things, just small things with BIG love

mmm the first name I had thought for this blog was square pegs and round holes :)

When you have faced your demons you can write magical tomes... darn many demons yet to be slayed. SOMEDAY

i think if chaplin was alive now, he may be speaking of brands and corporates  "who tell you what to think, what to do, what to feel, ...u r not just consumers, u r men, you have love of humanity in your hearts ;) you have the power to create, to make this life beautiful  "

what excuse can i give now?

And then again thanks to all those who remind me you are never, ever alone.... in the darkest of days we are here for you

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