Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Matter of Name

No matter where you go some familiar faces follow you. This one followed me on the Telly with the Matter of Taste. Each time I see him on screen, I am reminded of another episode - a reality episode.

Lets talk about that…

Hello, Could I speak to Vir?
Yes Speaking
Hi, I am calling from LBSIM. Is this a good time?
Yes it is
We are organizing a talk session by Deepak Nayar. It would be fantastic if you would list it in the day’s events for the 5th of June
Sure, I can do that. Could you mail the details to bla@ht.com ?
Thanks Vir… hey can I count on you, to get this in the events ..? It ABSOLUTELY has to be there, my life hangs on it
Will take care of that…
Thanks Vir, you made my day. Will keep you posted. Have a good day
Good day to you too.

Yes Vir
Hey, call the City editor and tell him that a student of LBSIM will mail him. Put her event in the daily events section.
(confusion….) Yes Vir...
Tanya, did I get fired?
(more confusion…) NO VIR…what happened?
Well a girl just called me to put some college seminar on the daily events section.
. an hour later
Random conversation in the HT Washroom
Hey dude you should hear this… some chick from LBSIM called up GOD and asked him to put her insti seminar in the daily section
Random conversation at the TOI Washroom
Guess what happened at HT today… some LBSIM student called up Sanghvi regarding daily events

---------- and then

Not so random conversation at the Financial Times Washroom
Hey Sandeep, are you with LBSIM?
Well then some student called up Vir Sanghvi regarding daily events

Sandeep Srivastava walked in. He taught Corporate Finance. I suffer from financiophobia. I deal by hiding behind tall boys of the class, hoping that I go undetected in the class.

I got detected. Sandeep Srivastava started walking towards my direction.
(NOOOOOO, not this way! Go AWAY)

“Yes sir” (Oh SHIT !!! Please GODDD not a quiz)
“Did you call Hindustan Times”
(Sigh of relief) “Yes Sir, called HT yesterday” I beamed

Sandeep Srivastava headed the institute’s Media/ PR Cell. My under performance in the finance class was compensated with my over performance in the Media Cell.

“Who did you call”
“The City Editor”
“and you called VIR SANGHVI”?
“mmm Yes Sir” (warning bell)

“And WHY did you call him?”
(What do you mean WHY? You told me to DUHHHHH! )
“ To tell him about the seminar we are hosting this weekend, to get the event featured in the city events…”

Chukcle, snort, Muffled ha ha he he from the class.
(Why does my FOOT feel like it is in my MOUTH)

“Is everything OK, Sir?” (WARNING, red alert)
“Nuthan you called Vir Sanghvi …and you are asking me if everything is OK He spoke in his characteristic slow, measured, sarcastic tone. (Mayday Mayday…)
“I did exactly what you had asked of me, call the City Editor and so…”
I told you to call the City Editor , not GOD”

The class burst out in peals of laughter. (Of course you think its funny. BUT WAIT) I dug into my backpack, took out the Media contact list. And viola

Board Line
City Editor, Delhi
Vir Sanghvi

I walked up to Sandeep Srivastava, pointed at the column.

It was Sandeep Srivastava’s turn to look perplexed. A second later he then pointed to the name right on top of the list

Board Line
Editor in Chief
 (I think that was his actual profile then)
Vir Sanghvi

That’s when we realized that we had two entries for Vir Sanghvi – both as a GOD and a non-god

I had spoken to the GOD, to get my teeny-weeny, itsy-witsy event in his paper. That’s like calling up Ambani/ Le Ka-Shing to check the price of vegetables at Reliance Fresh/ ParknShop.


And thus LBSIM got a seminar published in the City News of HT for the very first time.
huh? no encore????


  1. sorry but I don't understand GOD and Non God..am I missing something or a lot

  2. Hi Nuts...

    I remember u telling me this event.. that u've talked to Vir....

    but it was on the same day u talked to him...

    now came to know the full story.. hehehehe...




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