Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Thing to Happen to Your Skin

This Apana Talks  goes out to all my wonderful girlfriends

Many are born with great skin. I did not have that luxury. Of recent many have been asking me, what did I do to change my skin from dry, dead, dull, lifeless to what it is now. While pranayama, yoga has played its role. The real help came from the kitchen.

Quarter cup oats
Quarter cup of cucumber
Handful of parsley/ cilantro or coriander leaves
A dash of full cream milk/yogurt/ skimmed milk
One strawberry (optional)
Go on blend, keep aside for the oats to set. Apply. Wash when dry.

Oats is awesome for dry skin, sun damaged skin… and those lil wrinkles we all want to banish!!! It also moisturizes
Cucumber is a toner, refresher, hydrates like none other
Cilantro or coriander leaf- anti acne, works on acne marks and dark spots, leaves you with a healthy glow
Milk – cleanses, moisturizes. If you have oily skin go for skimmed.
Strawberry is rich in anti oxidants, vitamin C.

This single mask can cleanse, moisturize, hydrate, undo a lot of the sun damage, anti aging, brightening. Should I add more? For the first time I am in love my skin.I am off soaps, creams and all those other bottles I needed before (even in winter!). Since I use it daily, I leave it on just for a few minutes.

It takes about 5 minutes to make, while it can last 5 days, stick to 3 day expiry.

Would really love to hear what this lil mask does to you.


  1. I got a lot comments on mail for this article. Yes its an awesome mask.

    Yes it can be used for the entire body. I do :)

    If you make any interesting variations to this let me know

    Someone added honey

    Do comment on the section so that all may benefit

  2. Hi, Add some grated carrot, fresh turmeric and gram flour (besan in Hindi).Leaves your skin soft and silky.

  3. A bit of chocolate (unsweetened) to the basic recipie makes an awesome lip balm...leave it on and wash it off. KISS kiss


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