Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Apana Talks

He asked, “Why Apana? Why is it talking?"
She replied, “ Why not?”
He wondered aloud, “Is that a yogic answer?”
She replied wondering, “Maybe.”
He said, “Not helping….”

She smiled and replied, “When I said why not , it was a very yogi seeming answer. If I speak more I am not sure if it is entirely yogic.”

He said, “ I am listening.”

She said, “Well, the eastern mysticism believes in vital energy. India calls it Prana, China calls it Chi and Japan calls it Ki. It is the vital force, the life giving force. It is the energy a person, place or thing possesses. It gets complicated from here…”She paused and added, “ In humans there are 5 main different types of Prana each performing different functions…Prana, Apana, Samana, Vyana and Udana”

He said, “www.. Wow! now you lost me.”

She said, “OK, let me get to the point. Apana is the energy that is linked to expelling …to let out anything from the body.”
He asked, “ Expelling?

She said, “Yes… like excretion”
He replied with disgusted look, “yuck!”
She added, “Exhaling, childbirth”
He pondered and said, “OK, but it is still uncool.”
She winked and added, “Orgasm”
WHAT?”, both in unison. His tone implied surprise, her tone mischief.

With a Eureka written on his face he stated, “so it is a blog about sex”

She replied, “Now that I have piqued your interest… sorry, this is not a porn blog. Why apana talks… the weakest of my prana is my apana….it is that force that helps you eject, expel, exhale, let go…Apana doesn’t seem to come easy to me.

There are times that I actually forget to exhale. Did you know that, my most sought after remedy is for constipation?

Dysfunction in apana could mean blocked creativity, being stuck mentally, physically and even financially stuck…So apana talks is my attempt to kindle my inexistent apana."

"I feel that when I write I am expelling words all the way from my chitta… intellect in Sanskrit… to this virtual space of my blog. I hope apana talks helps to get my apana talking to me. Crudely put I hope it helps me pee poo in the morning!”, she added with a flourish.

He said exasperated, “As always I wonder, why do I ask? I feel everything related to you has to do with shit.”
She replied with mock menace, “ Am gonna cork your butt up for a few days. Let’s see, what you think of apana talks after that.”

She whispered, “ By the way that phase, when you couldn’t get it off and that other phase, when you couldn’t hold it long enough… that was apana dysfunction too. I recall you doing tons of apana talks then. So, honey, I think there is more apana talks in this world than we realize.”

He decided it is safer to conclude and said, “ May your apana rise and talk!”
She replied correcting him, “You mean, may my apana push down”


  1. Great talking about apana... it is the prana that helps us regulate how much prana we hold in the body and the one we use to get rid of things... thanks for putting it up in the blog! Will be waiting for more blog entries...

    Love and light to you, my dear Nuthan

  2. Very deep and profound, Nuthan! Letting go really takes a lot of effort. The question is, are we ready to let go and make space for new ideas and new beginnings? Well... only if YOU decide to!

    Beautiful thoughts. Keep them coming...

    Love n Blessings to u my dear one!

  3. Thanks G
    Def will try to keep up the writing

    Shali :) - lettingggg gooooo exhale ...apanaaa ing shakey steps but def doin it

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  5. You really got me laughing with this one. Extremely witty.... please share some of your wits with me. Was definitely a good read.... I just couldn't stop the apana which brought the laughter out. (Deleted the previous one because there was a mistake.)

  6. thanks mystic... and surprisingly it apana is improving


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