Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creating with Words

I saw few posts on Facebook today. Each dealt with a different meaning and facet to the word, “word”

One said “this could change you…take a min.” He had posted a profound video on the power of words.

Another had  experienced the meaning of the word bereavement.
Yet another felt “words …have to be kept”

Made me wonder what are the words that I use. What do those words mean. More importantly what are those words creating.
AAARGGGHHH I realized trending my vocabulary were different forms of “they they they they they…..” and not the best words along with it. Today I am taking the first step to changing one word at a time.

The battle cry for the day is CREATE ABUNDANCE
To begin with I let out a tiny squeak create abundance.  The other words in my mind giggled and went on with their usual chatter."they they they...". OK I can do better.
Create  Abundance. Something moved inside.
Ckkkrreeateee Abbbunnndancee I said. And I felt myself waking up.
I took a deep breath and let out
Rossi my adorable, hyper Sheltie jumped up and barked. Kiddo my pretty, black mongrel wagged her fluffy tail. I looked at them and said

They jumped in with their wags, licks and barks.  I let out a tirade...screaming and shouting all that I needed to create. A pent up dam burst somewhere. I started singing my dreams aloud. The dogs joined in with their baritone barks. I felt a happy exhaustion.  
The week ahead will be a shower of abundance. What I need, what I want.  

Note to self, thank all those who empowered me to receive that beautiful piece of paper I got later in the day. It was a very pretty cheque for services to be rendered.

To the man who posted about the power of words. It is a beautiful day, for a change I see it.
To the man who experienced bereavement, I am blessed to have you as my Superdad.
To the one who felt  “words…must be kept”. Last time I thought the same, I was told “Your life was a promise I made…And with your breath all promises kept”. If philosophy is not applicable to your situation, try contracts :)

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  1. Nice and Thanks for posting it.


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