Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Rain

Just once in a lifetime does it rain .
Then it drizzles, it showers, it pours.
The dormant child wakens to the melody;
Drip drip, pitter-patter,
Gurgling, gushing, overflowing;
The chattering brooks, the roaring river,
The raging tempest; all creations of the rain.
Caught up in the moment lost in gay abandon
Blind to the slush and debris the rain brought along.

Unaware of rusting hinges,
Squeaking doors and rotting wood.
Seeing but the illusory beautiful
Glossy leaves fresh clean air.
Oh! The innocence of splashing in the puddles;
Uncaring of the contagion there!
Lurking flood, not even a possibility then.
The bliss of the moment it seem would stay;
Sun with his scorching arrows
Seem so, so far away

The rain seem played a thousand times
Would gradual boredom, lethargy gnaw the soul?
Infringements ever imposed by the torrential rain?
No! Never!!
What fantastic fanatic beliefs
Alas! It wouldnt be.
Behold truth with the habit of dawning
Despite heavy dark grey clouds;
And despite the promise of a forever rain
The sun does rise

And as it began it stops to rain.
In a moment the rain is but a memory.
No God’s fault; its just the flow.
In the white blinding light;
The scene; dramatically different from;
The view from the rain streaked windowpane.
Reality contradicting virtual reality.

In the heat of the sun the adult wakens.
Nature running her course-educating
A nudge life gives her precious ones
Vivid pictures of yesterday’s bliss remain
But bliss, an alias for ignorance now.
The comfort of familiarity
Replaced by foolishness in familiarity.
Thoughts and perceptions change-drastic.

Nostalgia never solves never resolves.
Life is but to look ahead and beyond the obvious.
A little trust is all required to know;
Harmony of the sun, the moon, the tides,
The climate (and the rain) is life,
So learn while the sunshines
For soon it would be winter
But the knowledge snow is rain
Transmogrified will see you through
The climates and seasons of the
Evolving spiral called life.

The poem has been published by the British Council

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