Sunday, April 17, 2011

Disaster Movie Night

When all else fails I go for therapy. My idea of therapy is back to back pixar animation with intermittent doses of John Woo.

Shrek played shrink by day. By night, I wanted someone more potent. I rummaged through my  stash of  Jet Li-s, Tony Jaas, Lees, Chans, the Dammes and namma Kanths . Had been there done them all. Needed something  NEW

There is an art and a science called briefing. A brief explains in simple and clear terms what you need done.

Consider a brief like …“Can you get me a movie? Action, inspiring, gripping kind of stuff. Adrenaline, the good guy wins story, weapons, fast. Even mindless dishum dishum will do. New one

Got it?... I mean you reader…did you get the brief?

An hour later I got exactly what I had asked for.

Genre: Documentary style drama  
Star Cast: Crave for the sinewy Jason Statham and you land with the scrawny Joseph Fiennes
Synopsis: About a man who sets out to swim 150 miles of the Hudson River. Fast paced considering he covered the miles in three weeks.
Spoiler Alert: WHY??? His last wish before he suicides.
Lets be fair, there was some action in the movie. The production house was called Ambush Entertainment

It’s true, men have no clue what women want. We are way too complicated and inarticulate…

I decided to drown myself in a strong stiff drink. Sip….sip…sip mmm it hit the spot just right.

So what if he couldn’t get the movie right, the hot chocolate he made was perfect ;)


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