Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I was breaking surf in a sea of noise.
Today I am a quiet bubble floating to infinity.
Yesterday I laughed, cried, screamed,
One with the mad mob.
Today I am companion of solitude romancing with silence.

Yesterday I had a cause to fight,
Any cause anyones cause.
Today I no longer resist ,
For the resisted restricts.
Yesterday I struggled against the flow;
Attempting an evasive destination.
Today I am the flow, the tide
Carrying me to myself.

Yesterday I existed to die
A thousand deaths.
Challenging the frightening;
Yet driven by fear to fear.
Running away from the haunting;
Till it hunt me down.
Building values founded
On farce and hypocrisy.

Today proof of life being
A search, a thirst for life itself.
Progressing on a path of progress,
Renewal to revive, to survive my yesterday.
Acquainting with the stranger in me,
Hidden by distorted layers of civility
Seeking the truth within;
The truth that would set me free.

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